Association of Direct Service Providers announce Cleaning Team of the Year 2018

Denis Rawlins Ltd, and BCC member the Association of Direct Service Providers (ABCD), are pleased to announce that the award of Cleaning Team of the Year (CTY) will be running again in 2018.

After the success of the award’s in 2017 in which Rochdale Council’s Town Hall Team took the main prize, organisers are hoping as many ABCD members as possible take part in the award, with the winners being announced at the AGM and event in April 2018 at the Cleaning Show in Manchester.

The Cleaning Team of the Year Award recognises and promotes team achievement and provides an invaluable opportunity for information to be shared with other Councils, recognising the hard work and dedication involved in delivering much needed and valuable services to communities.

The award is open to all Local Authority members of the ABCD.

Presentation of all the Award categories will be made at the ABCD Annual General Meeting and event at the Manchester Cleaning Show in April 2018

Deadline for submissions is February 12th 2018, and finalists will be visited during March.

More details can be found here


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