BCC disappointed with BFG closure statement

The BCC has said it is extremely disappointed that a week after the closure of member, The Building Futures Group, it has still not received a full and credible reason for the company’s failure.

The Building Futures Group made the announcement on 14th January 2016 with a brief press release saying it was closing after ‘two successful years’, but offered no explanation as to why the end had come now.

Content from both BFG’s and Asset Skills sites has been removed, and the lack of clarity surrounding its demise is causing concern in the industry, particularly as it has received a substantial amount of government funding in the past.

BCC Chairman, Simon Hollingbery, said: “it’s never good to hear about a company closing, but the lack of information coming from BFG about the reasons for its closure is disappointing”. He added: “fortunately there are other associations within the BCC offering member services and training provision, and so we hope those people who have been let down by the closure of BFG can find support there”.

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