Clocks go forward at last

Lee Baker media & policy manager with the BCC looks forward to the year ahead

As spring finally drags itself into view after the wettest winter ever, we can begin to look to the future with more optimism. Economically the signs are good; green shoots in the soil, and in the economy too, with recovery more robust than 12 months ago.

The political climate is also changing, with the general election now just a year away, politicians are seemingly everywhere, making promises, appearing reasonable, and trying desperately to persuade a sceptical nation that their lot have the key to a better future.

One of the issues that might alter the way people vote is climate change. The recent chaotic weather has brought this right back on to the political agenda. At the height of the recent flooding crisis David Cameron promised ‘money would be no object’ to help flood victims, but with the Environment Agency facing huge budget cuts resulting in the loss of 500 jobs, the prime minster has been accused of false economy. It’s been pointed out that it costs much more to fire-fight in a crisis like this than it does to build robust flood defences in the first place. So expect the issue of climate change and sustainability to be discussed on many occasions in the run up to the election in May 2015.

A full version of this article can be found in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning 2014 Year Book (click link)–320.html

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