One Step Closer to Finding Clean Champion

The search for the most spotless area in the UK has now entered its final stages with today’s announcement of the Clean Britain Awards finalists.

Ten cities, five districts and two boroughs were judged the best examples of clean and tidy UK destinations from a competitive list of entrants to the British Cleaning Council competition.

They must now battle it out to become clean champion, which is guaranteed to give their profile and reputation a brightening lift.

Judith West, Chairman of the BCC said: “In the past, becoming a finalist has launched many UK cities into the spotlight, giving their profile a huge boost and gaining them a reputation of a tidy destination.”

In the coming months a panel of judges will make visits to each of the finalist areas. Residents are being encouraged to have some pride in their hometown or city, by using a bin and keeping the streets free from litter, filth and grime.

The finale will take place on 13th March 2007 at the Cleaning Show, NEC, Birmingham.

Judith West added: “Being a finalist is great news for these areas, but they must not rest on their laurels. On the judging visits no stone will be left unturned in the quest to find the cleanest place in Britain. It is down to the public to make sure they use a bin and support the bid to keep the area in a clean and tidy state.”


City Borough District
Birmingham Ipswich Braintree
Cardiff Lewisham Chester
Coventry Durham
Edinburgh Oadby & Wigston
Leeds Mendip
City of London

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