Are you from the cleanest place in Britain?

The BCC is delighted to announce the launch of the new ‘Clean Britain Awards, 2007′. From 1st March 2006 the Council is accepting entries from UK cities, towns and districts to battle it out to become the cleanest place in Britain. There will be winners from all three categories plus one overall winner.

The ‘Clean Britain Awards’ will replace ‘Britain’s Cleanest City’ competition. These have been run by BCC since 1988 with the aim of identifying the cleanest and tidiest UK city. For several years these awards have helped to highlight the importance of clean cities.

This new competition, however, aims to be more inclusive of all UK Local Authorities and will feature a new method of judging, combining the visitor eye view with recognised government standards.

The awards were launched officially on Monday 27th February, 2006, at ENCAMS’ Cleaner Safer Greener conference at City Hall, Sheffield.

Judith West, BCC Chairman said: “We are excited to launch the new competition. The state of our streets is vital to trade and tourism in the UK. With these enhanced awards we can praise the practices of our cleanest towns, cities and districts. Such locations not only keep their residents happy but also help to keep the tourists flocking to Britain”.

By combining the BCC visitor eye view judging criteria with government approved standards – namely the Best Value Performance Indicator (BVPI) 199, we are giving each Local Authority a fair and comparative crack of the whip on winning by looking at how they cater for residents and for visitors.

Judith said: “The competition is now more representative of the country as a whole and would provide entrants with the opportunity to compare notes with their neighbouring towns and cities on running tidy operations.”

The deadline for entries to the Clean Britain Awards 2007 is Friday 30th June 2005, allowing for the inaugural proceedings to commence.

There will be a paper round initially where judging panel can examine applications from all entered cities, towns and districts. Following this, the second round of judging will entail presentations to the panel from the top five from each category.

Site visits will then take place in September, giving finalists an opportunity to present their place in a clean and tidy light. Further visits will take place in all finalists areas in the lead up to the grand finale, taking place at the Cleaning Show in Birmingham’s NEC on Tuesday 6th March 2007.

Clean Britain judges will look at how each city copes with litter and other related problems such as flyposting, graffiti, dog fouling, chewing gum, cigarette litter and more.

For further information on the Clean Britain Awards please call John Stinton on 01562 851129, or email For more information on BCC see:

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