For the UK Cleaning and Hygiene Industry





  • The APPG to conduct a short inquiry to highlight the essential nature of the work undertaken by cleaning and hygiene operatives. [Cleaning is skilled work. It should be recognised as a skilled occupation.
  • To work with the cleaning industry trailblazer group, the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, and Departmental Ministers and their officials to encourage the development of occupational standards and the introduction of Level 2 apprenticeships in cleaning science.
  • The APPG to promote the importance of the cleaning and hygiene sector to restore popular confidence to return to public places, including workplaces.
  • In the aftermath of the pandemic, the APPG to encourage the adoption and promotion of preventative health and hygiene, such as best practise in disinfection control and sanitisation of surfaces and the introduction of a standard colour-coding system for hygiene to help prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process.
  • To promote the adoption of the real Living Wage; to underline the importance of paying good wages to people in essential occupations, such as cleaning. To shift the adjudication of public sector cleaning contracts away from cost at the expense of value and to end the “race to the bottom”.

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