BCC Press & PR Report, January 2016

Regular Features

Tomorrow’s Cleaning- monthly column as press officer for BCC. Topics covered; ‘Toilet Map’, ‘Look back at 2015’, ‘Raising the profile of the cleaning industry’

Cleaning & MaintenanceChairman’s Column.

Nov – Value of Awards -GSA

Dec – Immigration

Jan – Manchester Cleaning Show

Media Activity

Oct - Your Rights at Work - A campaign to promote good working conditions in the cleaning industry. Good coverage

Oct - Golden Service Awards - BCC’s ‘Site Supervisor of the Year Award’ s winner Cara Galloway, who is supervisor at The Rock Shopping Centre in Bury, got extra name check in C&M.

Oct - Ofsted rebuttal - Ofsted report that criticised the quality of apprenticeships, claiming low level skills such as cleaning are potentially devaluing the apprenticeship brand. C&M front page

Nov - All Party Group at Westminster - APPG has been relaunched and Jim Fitzpatrick MP, who speaks for the BCC in Parliament, has been appointed the group’s Chairman.

Nov - BTA Toilet Map Launched - Proud moment for the BCC as the Council awarded the BTA a £10,000 grant in 2013 to help the project get off the ground. (Tomorrows Cleaning)

Dec - CSSA relaunch – London meeting. (Cleanzine & good social media coverage)

Dec - Immigration crackdown – BCC in the press to say it supports the Home Office campaign to drive compliance and root out illegal working in the cleaning industry.

Jan - CSSA Founding member Offer –official launch on Feb 1st ( Tom Clean feature) 

Jan - BFG Closure – After BFG closes suddenly, BCC releases statement asking for answers. Widely circulated, and published in trade press.

Digital Voice

BCC e-newsletter produced and distributed amongst members just before Christmas. Need to find a way of circulating more widely, as we move over to more digital newsletters.

This first issue sent to 50 members. The open rate was 49% which in itself is good, but need a way of a) encouraging members to open the BCC newsletter, and b) forwarding it to their members.

BCC Website & Social Media   

Continue to post regular news on the BCC website, and on Twitter, where our following continues to grow and is now over 2,700.

Future Media Strategy

One printed Voice newsletter each year, to coincide with The London & regional Cleaning Shows, and insertion with C&M, (11,000) insertion deal still applies. With 3 digital e-newsletters in the other quarters just for members and associates.

  • More digital newsletters means more member help needed to distribute
  • Agenda item for next time? How can we get more of the members involved in BCC media & promotions on a more regular basis… Ideas?
  • Vanessa at C&M offer to distribute our inserted Voice to their 26,000 digital data-base. Highly valuable for members, should encourage participation.
  • An issue needed that the BCC can come together and campaign around to gain more widespread media interest?


Future stories

The Manchester Cleaning Show

I have been commission to write special pieces for the Cleaning Show in some of the magazines. There will be more news/stories and tweets as we get nearer.

The Voice

Printed version planned to coincide with Manchester Cleaning Show. Also, arrangement been made with C&M to insert into their Cleaning Show special, AND, also by special arrangement, Vanessa has offered to send the digital version with their own April newsletter …that’s to 26,000 people! So any member who wishes to reach that audience please come forward with news/events etc. Those members taking part in the Cleaning Show, seminars etc to get preference.



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