The British Cleaning Council was established in 1982, to promote the interests of the UK cleaning industry, and to be responsible for international relations on industry issues.


Membership of the British Cleaning Council is open to any recognised trade association, research, educational body or institution concerned with industrial, commercial and institutional cleaning. Individual commercial companies are not eligible for membership.


  1. To co-ordinate the common activities of interests within the British cleaning industry.
  2. To promote the general interests of UK based institutions, associations, individuals and others representing those involved in the British cleaning industry.
  3. To develop and promote the interests of the British cleaning industry whenever and wherever appropriate.
  4. To provide a forum for all constituent bodies within the British cleaning industry to meet and work together to further the aims of the industry as a whole.
  5. To support research, education and training or other programmes within the British cleaning industry.
  6. To undertake, liaise and co-operate with sponsorship of exhibitions and seminars connected with all aspects of cleaning, in particular through British Cleaning Council (Exhibitions) Limited.
  7. To increase public awareness of the industry's contribution both to the environment and the economy (and to encourage and promote the improvement of health and hygiene and general standards of cleanliness in both public and private sectors)
  8. To facilitate the provision of information to government and public bodies regarding the British cleaning industry.
  9. To provide overall support and liaise as necessary with UK and international bodies involved in the production of technical and / or other standards.
  10. To take any necessary initiative to further the above objectives and aims considered by the Council to be in the interests of the cleaning industry as a whole.
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