Navigating new horizons in the UK cleaning industry with the CSSA

The announcement of the new regional community groups at the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA) annual luncheon was a milestone for the association. The overwhelming response and keen interest from members to get involved was truly heartening.

As the CSSA sets its trajectory, the mission is vivid: to anchor the association as the leading light in the UK cleaning industry. It is actively bridging gaps by connecting professionals, amplifying shared knowledge, and ensuring both face-to-face and online interactions remain meaningful and accessible.

Together, We Elevate Standards and Raise Profile

The CSSA’s goals stretch beyond growth in numbers. It is deeply invested in stimulating impactful transformations and benchmarking standards in the cleaning industry.

With an aim to create the ultimate support network, it is fostering an environment where each member feels heard, empowered, and driven to raise our collective industry profile. The CSSA’s diverse offerings range from rich industry insights and thought-provoking guest sessions to dynamic Q&As and relevant online content. Plus, its community always has an open invitation for collaborative networking opportunities.

The CSSA Team: Driving the Vision

Behind every ambitious goal is a team fuelling the drive. Daisy Hunter, the CSSA’s dedicated Chair, provides strategic leadership, with Jo Gilliard backing as a pivotal board sponsor. Matt Burtinshaw is the guiding light in ESG matters, while Laine Morris is ardently advancing HR, diversity and inclusion.

Ensuring the message is vibrant and far-reaching is Danny Cross, who leads marketing and communications. With a keen eye for the future, Nicola Williams navigates innovation and technology, while Lynn Webster crafts memorable experiences in the events and social segments. This collective, with the support of members, is passionately charting a promising course for the CSSA.



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