CSSA takes Clean Start initiative to Manchester school

The Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA) was invited to take part in a careers day for year 10 pupils at Sale High School in Manchester and delivered several interactive sessions throughout the day to promote the Clean Start initiative and shed a light on the many career options available within the cleaning industry.

Throughout the day pupils attended a number of sessions with different industry speakers, as well as taking part in mock interviews to help prepare them for the world of work after they complete their final exams.

Daniel Cross, Chair of the CSSA Marketing Executive and UK Marketing Manager for Tennant Company, was representing the CSSA and prepared an engaging and interactive hour-long session for the pupils.

Daniel said: “My first question to the classroom before we even began the session was ‘how many of you would choose a career in the cleaning industry?’ and almost everyone said ‘no’.  when I asked why, it was because almost every pupil associated the cleaning industry as a janitor with a mop and bucket.”

After an overview of the types of businesses within the cleaning industry, and the different roles within each of those businesses, the pupils began to realise this was a more exciting industry than they had previously thought.

To make the sessions more interactive pupils were presented with a range of professional cleaning machines and equipment, supplied by Tennant, which again peaked their interest as they were tasked with working in groups to create a list of features and benefits of the equipment and given a crash course in marketing.

Daniel adds: “By the end of the session the pupils were really engaged and the feedback from teaching staff was that they all really enjoyed the session and found it more interesting than they had first expected.”

The CSSA continues to support schools and colleges with live engagement days, career talks and work experience to promote the Clean Start initiative and to help students to reimagine their future and career as a professional within this sector.

For more, visit https://www.cssa-uk.co.uk/clean-start

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