Only days left for laundries to sign up to CCA

If a commercial laundry isn’t registered for the Climate Change Agreement Scheme (CCA) then it’s missing out. The Textile Services Association (TSA) has lobbied Government agencies to reopen the scheme – and they have agreed, but only until the end of March 2022. Once this window closes, that’s it.

So what can commercial laundries get from signing up to a CCA? Basically it gives a discount on the Climate Change Levy charged on their energy bills, and over the past two years alone, TSA members collectively have saved over £10million through the scheme. Any commercial laundry can have a CCA – in order to receive the discount, they have to meet targets to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“It’s a no-brainer,” says David Stevens, CEO of the TSA. “On the one the hand, initiatives like the CCA are vital if we are to combat climate change. Meanwhile, the scheme offers significant cost savings for almost every commercial laundry. At a time when our industry is faced with huge cost rises, ignoring the CCA is economic madness.”

Having a CCA, and partaking in the Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme, deliver significant savings. They include discounts on the CCL charged of up to 92 per cent on electricity, up to 83 per cent on gas, and up to 77 per cent on LPG, in return for meeting energy or carbon saving targets.

CCAs are designed to encourage UK businesses to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The TSA is one of 53 sector associations in the UK that have signed up to the CCA initiative, managing the scheme on behalf of the laundry and textiles industry.

“We can be proud of our efforts to date,” says David Stevens. “Since 2013, the laundry industry has achieved over 25 per cent energy efficiencies in primary energy alone – this is market-leading progress and one of the best energy efficiency figures across all of the 53 CCA sectors.

“Now any commercial laundry that hasn’t got a CCA has the chance to get one – but they need to be quick about it!”

Climate change consultants Jacobs is handling the CCA scheme for the TSA. To start the ball rolling get in touch with the Shyju Skariah at the TSA ( and he will answer any questions you have. The scheme is open to TSA members and non-members. TSA members receive a 50 per cent discount on the registration fees.

The TSA is the trade association for the textile care services industry. The TSA represents commercial laundry and textile rental businesses. Membership ranges from family-run operations through to large, multi-national companies. Visit for more information.

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