A show of strength is needed from the cleaning industry

The British Cleaning Council Exhibitions (BCCE) Board has released a statement ahead of the Manchester Cleaning Show.

During a board meeting of BCCE last week, board members unanimously agreed that the Manchester Cleaning Show should be held as planned, at Event City in Manchester from 14-15 October 2020.

Statement from the Board:

Following the UK Government’s announcement that trade shows can re-start on 1st October, we are ready to host a safe and quality event experience for all event attendees.

The Manchester Cleaning Show is an important milestone for the cleaning and hygiene industry. As an industry we have had a vital role to play in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry has demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and innovation, and it’s now really important that we come together to demonstrate a show of strength. To not only showcase the solutions that can help keep facilities safe well into the future, but to demonstrate to the wider business community that business can be done in a safe and productive way, by following enhanced hygiene measures.

This will be the first opportunity that our industry has had to meet in person for many months, and we are creating a productive and supportive environment. Conference content will address the future of the industry and discuss many of the challenges facing businesses right now. Attendees will find plenty of products that can enhance their cleaning regimes. And we can talk. Not over a video call, not via email, but sit down and really talk.

Event City as a venue is reopening in-line with the government-approved measures detailed in the All Secure Standard and has been accredited by Visit Britain as ‘good to go’.

We understand that individual circumstances may influence people’s decision to attend. But the Manchester Cleaning Show team is working tirelessly with all those committed to exhibit or planning to visit to ensure their experience will be a really productive one. Together with the venue, we are confident that we can stage a safe event by following a strict cleaning regime, enhancing hygiene measures and enforcing a common-sense approach to social distancing and business.

So subject to Government guidance to the contrary, the Manchester Cleaning Show will take place from 14-15 October 2020.

The BCCE board invites all within the industry to support your industry’s event, and to show the UK that business can take place when a clean environment is at its core.

Members of the BCCE Board:

  • John Oliver, Chair, British Cleaning Council Exhibitions
  • Paul Thrupp, Chairman, British Cleaning Council
  • Stan Atkins, Group CEO, British Institute of Cleaning Science
  • Deborah Bland, Global Marketing Manager BSC and Retail, Diversey
  • Darren Marston, Executive Chairman, Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd
  • Paul Michael, Vice President, Quartz Business Media
  • Steve Diprose, CEO, Quartz Business Media
  • Tony Crinion, Managing Director, Quartz Business Media
  • Stuart Dacre, Event Director, Quartz Business Media
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