BICSc confirms HQ relocation

Earlier this year BCC member the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) published an article, “Time to Move On & Up” announcing their headquarters was being put up for sale, with the intention of securing a larger premises to expand into. The Institute’s plans to move have now been finalised and approved by the BICSc Council with the purchase of number 4 Premier Court, across from their current location in Moulton Park, Northampton.

The move to number 4 will take place early in 2019 and will see the HQ team move with minimal distribution for their members and clients. The current BICSc HQ, which has been the organisation’s home since 2003 will be re-developed into an enhanced training suite, dedicated to delivering BICSc accredited training in a central UK location.

The move comes as a result of a highly successful year for BICSc which saw a strong technical team put in place enabling the organisation to deliver the majority of their training in-house, Cleanlogic™ taking off and membership numbers increase dramatically. The Institute is now planning on investing further in the training they provide with the launch of additional Cleanlogic™ Workshops and Courses, as well as other initiatives to enhance customer service. These initiatives will be driven forward with the development of a brand-new BBS Training Suite, allowing the organisation to focus on establishing BICS Business Services as ‘the only place to start your journey with BICSc accredited training’.

Neil Spencer-Cook, Chief Operating Officer for BICSc and Board Member for BBS, said: “The redevelopment of our current headquarters into a dedicated BBS Training Suite will allow for a significant improvement in the facilities and learning experience we offer to candidates. Not only will we be able to offer a higher volume of training, ensuring the consistency of our brand but we will also have a greater ability to expand our capacity going forward. We are at a time where BBS is delivering more training than ever before, and with no sense of this demand dropping this is a great start to planning for the future.”

Denise Hanson, Head of Technical Services for BICSc commented “We are looking forward to the coming year in our new home as well as continuing to do what we do best; “teaching you to clean”, whether it be our Licence to Practice, Skills and Assessor Training or our all new Cleanlogic™ Workshops and Courses. We are sure we will be welcoming many more individuals to our brand-new BBS Training Suite throughout 2019”

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