Summit on Sustainable Cleaning planned in Paris

Sustainability is one of the BCC’s core ideals, and taking place in Paris from October 26-27 is the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit.

The theme of the summit is practical approaches to addressing the impacts of cleaning products, and Professor Dr Michael Braungart, co-founder of the Cradle-To-Cradle (C2C) design approach, starts the conference programme with a keynote entitled ‘Re-thinking sustainability’.

With the sustainability efforts of most cleaning product firms focusing on reducing environmental footprints, Braungart will make the case for positive impacts. How can the detergents industry go beyond lowering impacts and create positive value? How can the C2C design approach be deployed by cleaning product firms? What are the key lessons from related industries?

Subsequent speakers will discuss the role of sustainability metrics. A leading cleaning products firm will share its experiences in using metrics in its sustainability plan. Ecover will then give a critique of metrics.

With growing concerns about sustainable sources of raw materials, the Green Ingredients session covers important developments. Karen Frederix from Wilmar will give an update on sustainable palm oil and its use as surfactant feedstock. Jessica Custer from Fairtrade USA will make the case for ethically sourced coconut oil.

Another speaker will highlight the difficulties when monitoring sustainable supply chains for agricultural materials. Jürgen Hack, managing director of the eco-detergents brand Sodasan, will share the brand’s experiences in using green ingredients. Insights will also be given on the growing number of ethical labels – such as Ecocert, Ecogarantie and Prima Klima – on green cleaning products.

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