The British Toilet Association launches UK Toilet Map

The BTA has chosen World Toilet Day (November 19th) to launch its interactive toilet map; a state-of-the-art app that can be used on mobile phones, tablets and PC’s

It’s a proud moment for the BCC as the Council awarded the BTA a £10,000 grant in 2013 to help the project get off the ground.

The map has been developed in partnership with Mencap and Pamis and has been specifically designed for the thousands of individuals in the UK who are suffering from PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties) and will help their families and carers’ to find accessible public toilets.

The map will display the exact location of over seven hundred and eighty (780) toilets across the UK and then expand the information to show opening and closing times, as well as vital information on the overall provision within each toilet for their specialised needs.

The new system replaces the Changing Places map, and will be faster and will provide greater accuracy to the actual toilet location and opening hours. The introduction of a trip planner will greatly help carers and support groups plan for extended journeys. It will also produce an accurate database showing where provision is low or lacking, and where new sites are needed.

BTA Chairman Raymond Martin said: “We would like to thank the BCC for helping to make this map possible. Without the seed funding we received from the Council, we might not have been able to get it off the ground.”

BCC Chairman Simon Hollingbery said: “On behalf of the BCC I’d like to congratulate the British Toilet Association on the launch of the Toilet Map. The BCC was very pleased to be able to offer funding for this extremely innovative new app, and it is exactly the kind of project that our grant scheme was set up to support.”

The BTA is hoping that after this initial public launch it will be able to generate further sponsorship so it can continue to develop the app by adding more public facilities and further features.





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