Loo of the Year Awards recieves big boost in entries

The 2015 Loo of the Year Awards inspections and grading has now been completed. Despite the overall decline in public toilets throughout the UK, public toilet entries in the 2015 Loo of the Year awards increased by 28% compared to 2014.

According to the Awards organisers, the evidence from their inspection visits is that although new public toilets are rare, local authority entrants are cleaning and maintaining their loos to high standards with some important renovations also being completed.

In addition to high levels of shopping centre entries, the Loo of the Year Awards also inspected an increased number of holiday parks throughout the UK. All entrants recognise the value of gaining prestige and recognition of their brand, and importantly their employee’s efforts, as a result of achieving awards. Entrants also use the Awards grading to benchmark their toilet provision performance against competitors and can use the awards success as a real benefit when in negotiations with customers and prospects.

Every entry was inspected and graded by a team of trained and experienced inspectors against established criteria for each and every type of toilet.

Mike Bone, Managing Director of the Loo of the Year Awards, said: “High standards of cleaning and maintenance performed by in-house cleaners, cleaning contractors and FM companies were evidenced during our inspection visits.

“The improvements in design and the quality of fixtures and fittings are also recognising user’s needs for attractive as well as functional facilities to meet all of their personal requirements. Hygienic services that minimise the risk of infection transfer whilst also saving energy continue to become more prevalent.”

Entrants are in the process of being advised of the Loo of the Year Award they achieved and National and UK Awards will be presented on Friday 4th December at the four-star St Johns Hotel in Solihull. In addition to presentation of the Awards, there will be a sparkling wine reception, four-course lunch with wine, supplier exhibition, entertainment by Jim Davidson and excellent networking opportunities.

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