BCC members receive dividend after successful Cleaning Show

A portion of the funds raised through this year’s Cleaning Show have been distributed amongst BCC members as a bonus for helping to make the move to London such a huge success.

The six member associations to receive funds are: The Building Futures Group, The Industrial Cleaning Machine Manufacturers` Association, The Federation of Window Cleaners, The National Carpet Cleaners Association, The Association of Building Cleaning DSPs, The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Association.

Over £11,000 has been distributed in recognition of these associations’ special efforts in encouraging exhibitors to come to the Cleaning Show, and the beneficiaries say they will plough the cash straight back into on-going projects.

Chairman of The CHSA Stephen Harrison said, ‘The CHSA had one of the largest number of members exhibiting at the Cleaning Show so we received one of the largest amounts. We are now reinvesting those funds to accelerate important initiatives already underway.’

Beryl Murray, General Secretary of The Federation of Window Cleaners, said, ‘We are delighted that the BCC has offered this funding, and as a not for profit organisation the FWC will be reinvesting this sum to support its safety accreditation and training development.”

Kevin Day, from ICMMA, said, ‘these extra funds will help with projects such as updating the Code of Practice for the training of operators and the safe operation of ride-on and pedestrian operated cleaning equipment, as well as creating educational content for the ICMMA website.’

The Cleaning Show 2015, which took place in March and was held in London for the first time, exceed expectations, and the BCC has confirmed that the success of the show means there is further funding available in the form of grants to help new projects.

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