CHSA report increase in Accreditation Scheme applications

Membership applications for the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Associations’ (CHSA) Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for Plastic Refuse Sacks are on the rise, with five new applications received during the second quarter of 2015.

Buyers of plastic refuse sacks are driving the increase in applications, by increasingly specifying ‘Scheme Membership’ in their tenders.

Mike Stubbs, chairman of the CHSA’s panel responsible for governing the CHSA’s Accreditation Scheme for Plastic Refuse Sacks, explained: “We have invested significantly in the Scheme over the past two years, improving its value to buyers and so enhancing the commercial return of membership.

“The auditing process is more structured and tougher, which means buyers of plastic refuse sacks can be more confident than ever before that a plastic sack with the Accreditation Scheme marque is fit for purpose.

“We are also now actively promoting the Scheme to buyers, explaining the real commercial benefits of buying solely from accredited members. The result is they are increasingly specifying membership their tenders; our approach is paying dividends for members and buyers alike.”

Applicants are only admitted to the Scheme if they pass the challenging audit, conducted by the Scheme’s independent auditor. During the process he reviews the labels to ensure they are accurate and comply with the Scheme’s guidelines. Each label must state the weight of the sacks and their load and make it possible to trace the product back to the batch and manufacturer. Martin also samples the products and conducts ‘drop tests’ on a random selection to ensure they are fit for purpose. Once admitted to the Scheme members are subject to two audits a year. Failure to meet the standard will ultimately result in expulsion from the Scheme.

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