CIWM says new government must re-engage with the environment

After the General Election last week Steve Lee, chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) said:

“The in-coming Conservative-led UK Government will have many priorities, but for CIWM and its members we need them to get the environment in general – and resources and wastes management in particular – back on the priority list for action. Neither have featured in the party’s election campaign despite their clear importance in delivering jobs and sustainable economic growth, as well as protecting people and the environment.

“Early priorities for the new Government must include active engagement in shaping the European Circular Economy package. It will set the path for years to come for this industry and all of its customers – regardless of any review of the UK’s position in the EU. We need early and clear decisions regarding Government departmental responsibilities and the effective co-ordination of policy to support resource efficiency and green economic growth. This policy area is complex and will need better integration across departments than we have seen recently. The next 5 years must be productive ones, not fallow, in delivering a more resource efficient UK.

“On a personal note the Institution would also like to thank the outgoing Defra Minister, Dan Rogerson MP, for his genuine interest in the sector. His successor – in whatever departmental role – needs to be a champion for our industry and the benefits it can deliver across all sectors.”

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