BCC Supports New Year Resolution to Love Your Bin

The BCC and our members Keep Britain Tidy are urging everyone to make a New Year’s  resolution that’s deceptively simple and easy to keep – to Love Your Bin!

The Rubbish Diet challenge, is a simple two-step process with top tips that can help you recycle more, shop better and save money.

On average, across the UK, two thirds of the stuff that we put in our bins could have been recycled.

That means that our bins are full of valuable resources that could be turned into new products. For example, plastic bottles that could be back on the supermarket shelves in just 3 weeks or aluminium cans in just 6 weeks.

Whether you’re already an ace at recycling, or a self-confessed novice, The Rubbish Diet challenge can help you recycle more and help put a lid on the UK’s waste.

Most of our dieters slim their bins by over 40%, with some slimming theirs by 75%.

Karen Cannard, the creator of The Rubbish Diet slimmed her family’s bin from a full wheelie bin every fortnight down to a couple of carrier bags worth of rubbish every month.

By learning how to recycle more, shop better and waste less, The Rubbish Diet helps you save money and the environment. The average family could save £700 a year by planning and buying better and cutting down on food waste.

Small actions like slimming your bin add up to a real change. Using less plastic, recycling more and wasting less food all help make this world, and our land, a better place for us and our children.

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