WAMITAB Secures Funding From Skills Agency

Getting government funding for any project these days isn’t easy, but Wamitab has pulled it off, with the announcement that it’s been awarded funds from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA)

It will help those already working or preparing to work in the cleaning industry in England, and Wamitab CEO Chris James is delighted they’ve secured extra resources in austere times, and says he hopes more people will now be able to get the skills they need.

He said: “We urge you to make use of the funding for this suite of cleaning qualifications as it has been hard won, and we are keen to see that the industry gets the maximum benefit from its availability.”

The WAMITAB suite of Practical Cleaning Qualifications for Cleaning Operatives is listed in the latest SFA funding catalogue and funding is now available to draw down.

There are 14 separate two-unit Level 1 awards that are specifically designed to deliver the everyday skills of cleaners at work. The general unit, “Prepare for work in the cleaning industry” is common across all the awards, and is combined with other specialist units that focus on a variety of cleaning tasks:
• Food areas and appliances
• Refuse chute
• Buff floor surfaces
• Furniture, fixtures and fittings
• Hard floor surfaces
• Bodily fluids, spillages and hazardous items
• Bathrooms
• Interior walls and windows
• Stairs and landings
• Suction clean floor surfaces
• Dry sweep and damp mop floors
• Guest rooms and public areas
• Emulsion floor polish
• Washrooms

The funding available from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) in England is worth £336 for the first Practical Cleaning qualification. It is important to note that where candidates have already achieved the “Prepare for work in the cleaning industry” unit, it cannot then be funded again as part of further cleaning awards. However, since each award is separately specified, it means that candidates can be funded to achieve all of the cleaning skills they need for their job role. The funding for subsequent qualifications in the Practical Cleaning suite is available on a pro rata basis, based on the credit level of the qualification.

More information can be found here: www.wamitab.org.uk

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