Trade Press Publish BCC Response to EHRC report

In the wake of the EHRC report into the cleaning sector, the BCC is pleased that the UK trade press has covered our full response.

The Council has criticised the scope of the report as it only questioned around 1% of the workforce.

We are extremely pleased that titles such as Tomorrows Cleaning and ThisWeekinFM have printed our response, as anyone from the UK or abroad using Google to access this story, will now have our side to balance things up.

We feel it’s important to defend the sector as there is always a chance that certain parts of the media might distort the report and spin it in a negative way, this would tarnish the vast majority of contractors who provide employment and treat employees well.

There is, of course, no place for complacency and the BCC does accept that we should always be striving to make the cleaning sector better. To that end, a representative from the Council will be joining the EHRC taskforce to debate the core themes of the report during the next 12 months.





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