BFG and ISSA to work together on sustainability project

The BCC’s news member The Building Futures Group (BFG) and ISSA  have entered into a co-operative agreement to promote the importance of the cleaning industry in the UK. The two organisations want to bring together industry leaders to discuss the increasing impact of the sustainability agenda.

“As the trade body for the UK cleaning industry and a member of the ISSA, we are very pleased to formalise our commitment to work with the ISSA, and in doing so, enhance our service offering to our cleaning industry members,” said Sarah Bentley, CEO of The BFG. “We have identified that greater scrutiny in the issue of sustainability and increased regulation is likely to have a major impact on the cleaning industry in the UK in the near future.”

The two organisations will jointly host a round-table summit in autumn 2014, bringing together representatives of the UK cleaning industry to explore the impact of increasing environmental and sustainability scrutiny within the industry.

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