New cloud software brings BICSc members an improved customer service experience

BICSc have introduced a new CRM system that will enable them to offer a quicker and more organised access to individual members and a greater ability to support their customers needs.

CRM is a cloud based business software solution that focuses on building, strengthening and maintaining relationships with members, training centers and candidates. The software will enable BICS to  track and record all interactions and provide improved communication to better serve their customers needs.

There are three core concepts behind the system:

  • Customers: It puts the customer at the heart of the organisation
  • Relationships: It helps to develop relationships via improved member engagement
  • Management: It manages the relationships, payments and subscriptions of the organisation

The new system will give newer, quicker and more organised access to individual members or centre’s, to help better address their needs. There will be a greater ability to provide solutions for those needs and improve customer support.

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