The BCC welcomes electronic waste transfer system

Steve Lee talks about edoc at the NEC in Birmingham

The new online portal known as edoc will enable businesses to streamline their waste-recording systems and is already proving popular with UK companies.
Edoc – Electronic Duty of Care – was rolled out across the UK in January and already has almost 900 registered users. The Environment Agency claims that the new system could save businesses up to £8 million a year, as it avoids the need to print and store millions of waste transfer notes.
One of the most enthusiastic supporters of the new system is Steve Lee, CEO of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management. Last September Steve gave a pre launch presentation for the RWM and CIWM exhibition at NEC in Birmingham and told the recent BCC meeting that members should really look at moving over to the new system.
Steve told BCC members; “this system is absolutely brilliant, and one of the best things about it is it’s free! It will save companies huge amounts of time and money. It will improve the tracking and understanding of your waste, it cuts down on paper, and will greatly enhance your reputation as a responsible business”.
The system has been developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with the waste sector, and various government bodies from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It enables businesses to create, share, edit and store waste transfer notes online through a portal that will alert uses when they need to take action.
The BCC welcomes edoc as an innovation that will save not only time and money, but could also help crack down on waste crime.

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