Cleaning industry welcomes wider support for the living wage

The British Cleaning Council has announced that it is delighted to see increasing support for the Living Wage. Advocates of the policy now include Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of The Daily Telegraph, one of Britain’s leading business and economics commentators.

The living wage campaign, which has been vocally supported by the BCC since its inception supports paying workers a wage calculated to the basic cost of living in the UK.

Many living wage backers, including Warner, believe that it negates the need for in-work benefits, reducing the public spending bill whilst driving demand for goods and services in the marketplace.


Andrew Large, Secretary General, said: “As well as being socially beneficial, the living wage is gaining broad support as a sound economic policy that will support and drive the free market. I am thrilled to see that economic voices from across the political spectrum are speaking up for changes that the cleaning industry is 100% behind.”

Andrew Large added: “The time has come for industry, politicians and workers to come together to ensure that the low paid are given the dignity of decent pay, and can take their place in driving Britain’s economy back to full health.”

Notes for editors

The British Cleaning Council is the voice of the UK cleaning industry. It was established in 1982 to coordinate the affairs of the industry and to be responsible at home and abroad on industry matters.

The British Cleaning Council provides a forum for members to meet and work together to raise the profile of the industry and help it gain the credibility it deserves. It also promotes and encourages improvements in health, hygiene and general cleanliness standards.

The British Cleaning Council has 21 members, which cover every facet of the multi-million pound UK cleaning industry.
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