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Did you know that almost all inkjet and toner cartridges can be either refilled or remanufactured? Over 40 million inkjet and toner cartridges and toner cartridges are sold each year and 12-14000 tonnes end up in landfill.

Each cartridge thrown into landfill can then take over 450 years to decompose. In just 12 months, cartridge recycling could save 15 million litres of oil in the UK.

At home and at work we must all try to recycle wherever possible to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Bright Ink aim to make it easy for you to dispose of you inkjet and toner cartridges, from home or the office- at no expense to you. Your local recycling centre won’t usually accept printer cartridges for recycling; neither can they be collected as part of your local authority’s kerbside collections.

Just contact Bright Ink and will recycle them for you.

Bright Ink
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